Major workshops

Writers choose a major workshop genre, in fiction, nonfiction or poetry. Each accepted writer attends a total of five morning craft workshops in their chosen genre at either Library Hotel or The Bryant Park Hotel. Library Hotel spaces are the Poetry Garden, Writer's Den or Executive Boardroom. The Bryant Park Hotel spaces are the Loft of Terrace Loft. Each of these four workshops lasts three hours. Workshops are capped at 13 people. 

Each fiction or nonfiction workshop participant submits 5000 words of writing before the conference, and each poetry workshop participant submits fifteen pages of poetry. The pages are studied by both the workshop instructor and workshop peers. Each participant receives commentary from both instructor and workshop peers, and each participant is expected to read a packet of workshop pages and give commentary. Workshop packets are emailed to each participant by mid-May, so that writers have the time to go over the pages and make comments well before the conference. Workshops are intensive and craft-centered.  Each writer makes comments on the work, generally a separate page of comments, single-spaced, and enters line edits in the text. 

For the 2017 schedule, eight major writing workshops will be held at The Bryant Park Hotel Terrace in the Terrace Loft and Loft; The Library Hotel Writer's Den in the Poetry Garden and Boardroom; at The Algonquin Hotel in the Library Room and at The Casablanca Hotel in the Boardroom. 2017 workshops will be held on June 8, 9, 11 & 12 from 8:30 AM-11:30 AM, with a 15 minute break. 

Genre labs 

We also host smaller workshops, what we call "Genre Labs" on site. Space is limited for each Genre Lab. The Genre Labs are given in the afternoon at The Bryant Park Hotel. Writers do not need to prepare any work beforehand for the Genre Labs. Each writer generally attends the Genre Lab in their Major Workshop genre, but writers can choose to take a different genre. For example: a writer attending a Major Poetry Workshop can elect to take a Genre Lab in nonfiction, provided there is space. We ask that poets choose one or the other Genre Labs in poetry and that fiction writers choose one or two Genre Labs. There are several Genre Labs in each genre.  

Teaching assistants and Faculty assistants

TWH Teaching Assistants (TAs) or Faculty Assistants will assist instructors in each class. We have seven TAs this year. TAs and Faculty Assistants will be meeting with writers throughout the conference to discuss their writing projects. Faculty Assistants will also be helping coordinate events.

2017 Teaching Assistants are Scott Branks del Llano, Timothy Dyke, Pete Follansbee, Jenny Grosvenor, V. Hansmann, Parks Kugle and Mark Wagstaff.

2017 Faculty Assistants are Erica Vega (Fiction, Nonfiction & Poetry) , Adeeba Rana (Poetry).

The Library Hotel Poetry Garden, Writer's Den and Executive Boardroom, where morning workshops are held.

The Bryant Park Hotel Loft and Terrace Loft, where morning workshops are held,  along with afternoon lectures and events and our private TWH Community Open Mic Night. The third picture is of the Screening Room, where we give Saturday lectures. The final picture is of the hotel lobby. 

The Algonquin Hotel Library Room, where one of our Major Workshops is held. Second photo is of the Oak Room, where we hold Saturday lectures. The last two pictures are of the Round Room and the hotel lobby, where we have our TWH informal meet-and-greet.


The Casablanca Hotel, where one of our Major Workshops is held. Images are of the exterior, the Boardroom and the Lobby.