application process, cost and stipends

We are presently working up our January reading section for writers accepted to our TWH 2019 conference program. The application and acceptance process takes a few weeks. The deadline for accepted writers to submit a full manuscript for this section is January 15, 2019. We encourage writers to apply as soon as possible.

The sooner we can read a writer's full manuscript, the better. Those who get accepted early have the advantage of being able to use the extra time to revise their work before meeting with agents, editors and peer writers in NYC workshops. We strongly recommend early enrollment. Writers generally want as much time as possible to edit their full-length manuscripts pre-conference. Two TWH Editors read each manuscript. TWH Team Readings include hundreds of comments, line edits, craft edits and more. Our attendees tend to tell us that the TWH Team Reading alone is worth the price of admission.  

Our final application deadline is March 8, 2019, but we strongly recommend early enrollment. Writers generally want as much time as possible to edit their manuscripts pre-conference, before meeting agents and attending workshop. Early enrollees have extra time to revisit their manuscripts and revise after we generate their extensive, full-manuscript Team Reading. 


To apply, send the first 5000 words of a prose manuscript or the first 15 poems of a poetry manuscript. We work with writers of fiction, poetry and nonfiction. We do not work on scripts. Writers may apply below via the Submittable submission button. It is $30 to apply.

The application writing sample must be the first pages of a current target manuscript. A target manuscript is a writer's present writing project--the manuscript that the writer will bring to NYC and present to agents or editors. In the application process, we carefully review the first 5000 words (prose) or the first 15 poems of this target manuscript (up to 15 poems, 15 pages maximum). Please note that we do not work on full-length manuscripts that are over 100K words.  If we move forward with an application, the writer will be contacted for a brief phone interview. During the interview, the writer will have the opportunity to discuss their writing and writing goals. We are prompt to notify about acceptance status. 

We process our applications as quickly as possible. If we feel that a writer is a good fit for TWH, we will work through the acceptance materials quickly so that we can get started on the editing and feedback process. 

In order to be eligible for TWH 2019, writers should be working on an unpublished target manuscript. This manuscript can be a work-in-progress or it can be full-length draft. Writers should have at least 30-50 finished, polished pages by June, 2019, so that prose writers may pitch the manuscript to agents and poets can discuss their project with an editor. 

Please click the Submittable button below to apply to TWH 2019.  We are excited to read your work! 

programMING AND cost

Our programming fee includes the pre-conference TWH Team Reading, performed by both TWH editors, and all NYC on-site events June 5-11. Each TWH Team Reading includes hundreds of comments, from line edits to developmental edits, and a follow-up phone call with both TWH Editors to address any questions a writer may have about the generated comments. The fee covers NYC in-town events June 5-11: All workshops, lectures, readings, Genre Labs, open mic night, the Breakfast Social with TWH Directors and the agent pitch sessions. TWH is a unique and comprehensive writing program. The fee for our 2019 TWH program is $3,000. Our prices are extremely competitive; we feel that the pre-conference reading value alone may well be worth the price of admission. We are also extremely selective, because of the time we spend with each author's work and because of the small size of each Major Workshop on site. 

We can point accepted writers toward credit opportunities via our billing arm, and let writers know about affordable hotels. Many of our attendees who work in academia in the states and abroad have received funding grants via their colleges or universities, as TWH is generally considered a career enrichment program. All five of our participating hotels offer TWH discounts, and there are other opportunities for lodging in the Midtown area that are reasonable. 


TWH offers three stipends of $500 each year in all three TWH genres: fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Our Sara Patton Stipends are awarded on site in NYC on the last day of our conference. Awardees also have their bio and photo posted on our website following the NYC announcement, and that announcement is up online for a full year. All TWH attendees are automatically entered, with the exception of Teaching Assistants, who are ineligible for the stipends. Sara Patton Stipends are merit-based, not need based. TWH stipend recipients are chosen at the discretion of our stipend committee in a closed process. 

The Writer's Hotel holds a Writers and Writing Conferences (WC&C) membership, via the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). Because of this membership, all TWH attendees are also eligible to enter AWP's Kurt Brown Prizes competition. AWP's Kurt Brown Prizes also honor three writers each year with $500 and an annual online announcement.  The Kurt Brown Prize is currently open to accepted TWH 2019 writers.