Now, more than ever, it's time to write and speak your truth. Let's write. 

TWH Editors work with a limited amount of writers in a component separate from our NYC writers conference. This component is called "Private Study."  We work intensively with writers on their writing over a fourteen-month term. Writers can turn in writing in any genre. We also work to connect authors with agents and editors via Private Study, just like we do for our conference participants. Private Study begins when the first manuscript is sent to us and spans fourteen months. We take a break to focus on our TWH NYC conference and various in-house projects from May 1st to August 1st.

Private Study is a great option for those who wish to work from home. We modeled Private Study after the Low-Residency Creative Writing MFA. We wanted to offer more than the typical mentor/mentee program of the Low-Residency. Our program is very different because we offer two mentors at all times instead of just one. That's two readers reading and offering feedback about each piece a writer sends to us. Writers may send in pages in any genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Screenwriting, Playwriting and all sub-genres. Fiction writers will receive feedback about plot, character development, dialogue, sentence structure and narrative arc. Creative Nonfiction writers will receive notes about narrative arc, tone, characterization, voice, sentence structure, dialogue and more. Poetry students will receive responses involving the elements of poetry, such as use of form, line breaks, rhythm, tone and imagery. Private Study is tailored to each writer. Some writers in Private Study are looking for editorial feedback on their works-in-progress. Other writers are seeking more guidance, prompts, query letter help, etc. We strive to create the best program for each individual writer. We communicate with our Private Study writers via email and by phone or Skype. Private Study is $3250 for a fourteen-month term of service.

To apply, please click the link below to submit up to 5000 words of prose or 15 pages of poetry. Please include a letter of interest, describing your current projects. And please tell us why you think The Writer's Hotel Private Study would be a helpful or meaningful program for you as a writer. 

There is no application deadline. We offer Private Study on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is $30 to apply. 


TWH editors

Here at The Writer's Hotel, we work diligently to support writers every day. We're proud of what we offer. We help writers find the tools to better edit their own work. We connect writers to agents and editors, edit, coach and generally do all we can to help our fellow writers in practice and in print. 

"Shanna McNair has an eagle-eye and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the writing process. As editor of The New Guard, she helped me bring my memoir/essay on Saul Bellow into focus and being. Thank you Shanna!" –Fred Marchant, poet, scholar and author of The Looking House and Tipping Point.

“Scott Wolven's feedback was honest and came from a place of respect and compassion. He told me what the stories needed and how to take the strengths and make them stronger. Receiving feedback is overwhelming, but with his guidance and support, I sat down and worked. I worked hard because his words, his honesty was exactly what I needed to hear to grow and challenge myself as a writer. –Kerri Quinn, author and playwright

Praise for Scott Wolven's writing: "Wolven has turned raw, unreconciled life into startling, evocative, and very good short stories. He draws on a New England different from Updike’s and even Dubus’, but his fictive lives--no less than theirs--render the world newly, and full of important consequence." –Richard Ford, author of Independence Day and Canada