Black Friday Special: ONE EDITOR Manuscript Review and Consultation

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Black Friday Special: ONE EDITOR Manuscript Review and Consultation


Black Friday Special: Manuscript Review and Consultation with a TWH Editor!

What a deal. Pick a TWH Editor, either Shanna McNair or Scott Wolven, to read your full-length manuscript and generate two pages of commentary about the manuscript. There is no application to go through—simply register now by paying the fee.

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Now, more than ever, it's time to write and speak your truth. 

We’re proud of what we do here at The Writer’s Hotel. We run conferences in NYC and we work with writers one-on-one in a virtual setting. This offer of a one-time reading, review and consultation could be the inspiration you need to get you back on track. We’re here to help. Let’s write.

Editors will generate two pages of notes about the manuscript. Fiction writers will receive feedback about plot, character development, dialogue, sentence structure and narrative arc. Creative Nonfiction writers will receive notes about narrative arc, tone, characterization, voice, sentence structure, dialogue and more. Poets will receive responses involving the elements of poetry, such as use of form, line breaks, rhythm, tone and imagery. Script writers will get notes that reflect their genre's specific aims as well, including the timing of larger plot points, development of action, and dialogue. This reading does not include line edits. Your one-time, full-manuscript reading will be followed by a one-hour phone call to discuss the manuscript.

Writers may send in a MS in any genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Plays and Screenplays are all welcome. This is a virtual reading. Those who register will need to email their work in Word to be read and reviewed. Those who write scripts will need to send in their work either in Word or in Final Draft. We are accepting manuscripts of up to 100K words. Poetry manuscripts should be 70 pages or less. Scripts can be up to 150 pages long.  

Writers can expect to hear back from Editors and get their comments back within about four weeks of sending in manuscripts. Follow-up phone calls will be arranged at the writer’s convenience following the reading, to discuss the notes and to talk about goals for revision of the manuscript and writing career plans.

We will personally connect with all registrants via email after they have paid, and give each writer our manuscript upload instructions. We have set up a form and a link via Submittable link to upload the work. All formatting requirements are detailed on the Submittable form. You will select your reading editor on the Submittable form.

Manuscripts can be submitted via Submittable anytime, up until January 28, 2019. Payment for this service must be made during our special (until Tuesday, November 27 at midnight). 

We generally don’t perform one-time readings, so this is a very rare opportunity. Please note that this one-time reading is very different from other services offered by The Writer’s Hotel; namely our TWH NYC pre-conference reading and our virtual Private Study offerings. Those readings are processed differently and are performed on a special track of study, not as one-time readings.

We are offering these one-time reviews and consultations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space is extremely limited.


 Shanna McNair.

Shanna McNair.

Shanna McNair is Founder and Director of The Writer’s Hotel and Founding Editor and Publisher of The New Guard literary review. She writes prose, poetry and scripts and is an award-winning journalist. She was a 2018 Hewnoaks Artist Colony Writer in Residence. She recently served as a RISCA Fiction Fellow Competition Judge, and as an Interdisciplinary Study Adviser at Lesley University. In 2011 she was a Writer in Residence at the Thomas Lynch cottage in Moveen, Ireland, following a residency in Dingle via the University of Southern Maine Stonecoast MFA program. She also holds a Creative Writing Certificate from Oxford University via her study at the Dartmouth College Creative Writing Master's program. She has worked extensively in the visual and performing arts. She is at work on a novel, stories, poems, scripts and a novella. 

Shanna McNair has an eagle-eye and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the writing process. As editor of The New Guard, she helped me bring my memoir/essay on Saul Bellow into focus and being. Thank you, Shanna!
— Fred Marchant, poet, scholar and author of The Looking House and Tipping Point.
Shanna opened or closed many of her emails with, “We are here for you”; and it’s true. Every email exuded encouragement. From manuscript feedback and follow-ups to the details of workshops and readings, The Writers Hotel never fell short on that promise.” “The feedback was solid, both in big-picture and at sentence-level.” “TWH gives writers just the right balance of kindness and criticism that writers serious about their convocation need.
— Jenny Grosvenor, writer and professor
 Scott Wolven.

Scott Wolven.

Scott Wolven is a TWH & TNG Consulting Editor. He is the author of the short story collection, Controlled Burn. "The Copper Kings" is included in the prestigious new collection, 20 + 1 , an anthology of 21 new short stories "by emblematic American authors," to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Terres d'Amerique" published by Albin Michel and edited by Francis Geffard. His short story, "Playboy," was recently featured in Playboy Magazine. The film, "Hepburn" by Tommy Davis, a work based on Scott's short story, "Hammerlock," was featured at The New York Film Festival on the Main Stage. Scott's stories have appeared seven years in a row in The Best American Mystery Stories Series, the most consecutive appearances in the history of the series. The title story of the collection appeared in Best American Noir of the Century.

Scott Wolven’s feedback was honest and came from a place of respect and compassion. He told me what the stories needed and how to take the strengths and make them stronger. Receiving feedback is overwhelming, but with his guidance and support, I sat down and worked. I worked hard because his words, his honesty was exactly what I needed to hear to grow and challenge myself as a writer.
— Kerri Quinn, author and playwright
Praise for Scott Wolven’s writing: “Wolven has turned raw, unreconciled life into startling, evocative, and very good short stories. He draws on a New England different from Updike’s and even Dubus’, but his fictive lives—no less than theirs—render the world newly, and full of important consequence.
— Richard Ford, author of Independence Day and Canada