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THE WRITER'S HOTEL NYC: June 5-11, 2019

2019 Major Workshop faculty: Former US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, Meghan Daum, Jeffrey Ford, Elizabeth Hand, Lewis Robinson, Richard Hoffman, Elyssa East, Alexandra Oliver, Scott Wolven and Shanna McNair. Lecture and Genre Lab Faculty: Rob Spillman, Rick Moody, Kevin Larimer, Tina Chang, Carey Salerno and Steven Salpeter.

Our final application deadline is March 8, 2019, but we strongly recommend early enrollment. Writers generally want as much time as possible to edit their manuscripts pre-conference, before meeting agents and attending workshop. Early enrollees have extra time to revisit their manuscripts and revise after we generate their extensive, full-manuscript Team Reading. 


TWH 2019 will run from June 5-11. Please see our application page for more details. 

The Writer’s Hotel “Mini MFA” is a one-of-a-kind conference. TWH Editors read and consult on each writer’s full length manuscript pre-conference, followed by a week-long conference in June. TWH NYC events are set at Midtown hotels: The Library Hotel, The Bryant Park Hotel, The Algonquin Hotel, The Roger Smith Hotel and The Casablanca Hotel. On site events include workshops, lectures and agent pitch sessions. And each writer reads their own original work at landmark NYC venues like: KGB Bar, The Red Room at KGB Bar and Bowery Poetry. Faculty readings are another wonderful feature, and are held at Kinokuniya Bookstore. From our virtual pre-reading process through to our NYC writers conference, TWH takes writers and their writing to the next level. Via TWH, writers bring their work from desk to marketplace at the heart of the publishing industry. It's an extraordinary opportunity. ::We work with writers of fiction, poetry and nonfiction.:: 


Our programming includes two components: the pre-conference TWH Team Reading, performed by both TWH editors; and all NYC on-site events June 5-11. TWH is a unique and comprehensive writing program. We are extremely selective, because of the time we spend with each author's work and because of the small size of each of the Major Workshops on site. 

PRE-CONFERENCE READING: Working with writers virtually pre-conference helps bring manuscripts into focus before the NYC conference in June, so that attendees can bring a polished, newly-considered manuscript to the conference to pitch to agents and/or editors. Each writer receives two sets of comments--two editors read each manuscript. We generate hundreds of comments, from line edits to developmental edits. We also offer a follow-up phone call with both TWH Editors to address any questions a writer may have about those comments. This virtual feature begins immediately upon acceptance. We created TWH so that writers can get more from a writers conference than ever before. Our price is extremely competitive; we feel that the pre-conference reading value alone may well be worth the price of admission. And writers tend to arrive at the conference feeling an artistic momentum since they've been working hard on their manuscripts before they even arrive in NYC.

NYC IN-TOWN EVENTS JUNE 5-11: Major Workshops in each genre, craft and publishing lectures and Genre Labs; curated attendee readings, including advertising flyers (see posters); literary agent pitch sessions (in the past we’ve had Foundry, Rob Weisbach Creative Management, Curtis, Brown, Folio Lit and many more). We also host a Community Open Mic Night to foster community and celebrate diversity of voice within the program and have a wonderful community breakfast on Saturday morning. All of these events are included in the programming. Our workshops and lectures are led by some of the industry's best publishers, agents and writers, including: 2019 Former US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, Meghan Daum, Jeffrey Ford, Elizabeth Hand, Lewis Robinson, Richard Hoffman, Elyssa East, Alexandra Oliver, Scott Wolven and Shanna McNair. Lecture and Genre Lab Faculty: Rob Spillman, Rick Moody, Kevin Larimer, Tina Chang, Carey Salerno and Steven Salpeter.

Article on The Writer's Hotel, "A New Kind of Writing Program? The Writer's Hotel Master Class" via The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP)

Article about The Writer's Hotel by Lisa Markuson: "The Only Writers Conference I Ever Dreamed of Attending"


This conference was so totally different than anything else I have ever done in my decades writing voyage, and I have participated in many national and international ones. I will be living with my edited MS for weeks as a result of your careful reading. The actual workshop offered honest, useful and caring critique from mature writers. To me, that was a treasure. It gave me a community of people who were willing to sacrifice a great deal to achieve their goals-no overnight celebrity wannabes with enormous egos or self-important young writers just waiting for the world to recognize their genius. It was also the most challenging workshop process. You offered us more than enough activities to give writers, especially those not familiar with the NYC literary scene, a chance to experience the literary community on many levels. I only wish I had had the stamina to take advantage of it all and to support all my fellow writers in their readings. Your program was worth every cent of the tuition and more.
— Dahlma L-F.

I can honestly say that this writer’s conference is one of the most generous, comprehensive, and fruitful experiences for any writer. Many of my peers have been to workshops and residency programs, and none holds a candle to the wealth of knowledge and access to agents and publishers that TWH provides. I believe it may be the premier hands-on writer’s conference in the country. Bravo TWH!
— Scott B.
I feel blessed for having found TWH. The creative processes this program inspires extend far beyond the timeframe of the conference week itself, due to the pre-conference reading and follow-up, on the one hand, and the outreach of the evolving community, which continues to resonate and inspire long after the conference is over.
— Diane O.

MORE ABOUT OUR pre-conference manuscript reading 

We work with each writer on their writing from the moment of acceptance. This feature is one of the big TWH program components that sets us apart from other writers conferences. No other writers conference program offers pre-conference manuscript reading. We aim to help writers learn new editing tools and focus on craft, and we also aim to help writers polish their target manuscript before they meet with agents and/or editors on site in Manhattan. 

We work with writers virtually, reviewing documents using Word comments and "track changes." Each writer receives one TWH team reading of their target manuscript (their present writing project) and one phone or Skype call to follow up and address questions pertaining to that team reading of the target manuscript. This pre-conference team reading includes line edits and overall manuscript commentary.  Fiction writers will receive feedback about plot, character development, dialogue, sentence structure and narrative arc. Creative Nonfiction writers will receive notes about narrative arc, tone, characterization, voice, sentence structure, dialogue and more. Poets will receive responses involving the elements of poetry, such as use of form, line breaks, rhythm, tone and imagery. 

The target manuscript can be a full-length manuscript (up to 100K words) or it could be a shorter manuscript, of 30-50 pages. Works-in-progress are also acceptable for our program. 

Shanna and Scott’s helped shape, edit and craft my manuscript to a place where I was confident enough to send it out to publishers and contests. Even before I arrived at TWH, my debut poetry collection was selected for a prize, short-listed for another and chosen for publication by a top-tier independent press! What more can I say?
— Heidi S.

TWH 2018 was a life-changing experience for me. I loved the opportunity for choice, for the writing intensive elements, and for all of the guidance. [And] I was blown away by my pre-conference reading and editing service. That service alone was well worth the price of admission.
— Mandi B.
The pre-conference editing service was invaluable. Comments were thorough, insightful and specific. They gave me a good sense of how to think about my next round of revisions and helped me see my manuscript, both its strengths and weaknesses, with new eyes. Thank you for your incredible commitment to helping writers achieve their potential and for the community you build.
— Carol S.

On site workshops at our NYC hotel campus

We meet in June in Midtown, where our writers conference takes place. Major Workshops are held in Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry. Many writers find the Major Workshops to be the centerpiece of our on-site schedule. ::Please see our NYC Workshops page for full details.::

Our Major Workshops are given in the morning and are three hours long. We cap each Major Workshop at 14 students. We recommend that prose writers submit the first 5000 words of their target manuscript to the Major Workshop and poetry writers submit the first 15 pages of poems of their manuscript (up to 15 poems, 15 pages max) to their Major Workshop. The first pages of any manuscript are very important, and this is why we focus quite a bit on those pages. Those first pages are ideally read and critiqued by the Major Workshop leader and by peers in workshop. If a prose writer wants to submit a different 5000 pages, or a poet wishes to submit a different 15 pages, that's fine. Each writer can choose. The only hard and fast rule is that writers submit in the genre of their Major Workshop.

We also host short workshops, or "Genre Labs" on site. Writers do not need to prepare any work beforehand for the Genre Labs. Each writer generally attends the Genre Lab in their Major Workshop genre, but we often can make an exception so that a writer can choose to study a different genre. For example, a writer attending a Major Workshop in poetry can elect to take a Genre Lab in nonfiction.





ROGER SMITH HOTEL: Five Major Workshops are held here in The Starlight Loft, The Solarium, The Penthouse, The Winthrop and Lily’s Back Room. We also hold all of our writing lectures and Genre Labs here, along with our agent speed dating event and our Prose Publication Lecture. Our TWH Community Open Mic Night is held at The Roger Smith Hotel's art-inspired bar, Lily's Bar.  

THE ALGONQUIN: Three Major Workshops are held here, in the John Barrymore Suite, the Library Boardroom and the Helen Hayes Boardoom. We also have an informal meet-and-greet in the Round Table Room, where the so-called "Vicious Circle" convened. 

THE CASABLANCA HOTEL: One Major workshop is held here in the Boardroom. 

::All participating 2019 hotels offer a lodging discount for attendees.::

The friendships that arise from TWH have been life-changing. Enduring beyond and in between conferences, those friendships have provided a literary community I sorely needed — practical, artistic, craft-oriented, supportive, honest. I can’t do without it.
— Stephanie C.

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TWH and THe new Guard

Our sister websits is www.newguardreview.com.

THE NEW GUARD literary review is  the publishing arm of The Writer's Hotel. We publish 30+ debut authors in each print-only anthology, alongside many established writers. TNG is a contest-centered literary review. We run contests in Fiction and Poetry, and we also include a themed letters section in each volume. Each contest winner receives $1500/publication, plus two copies of TNG. Finalists are also published. Past judges and contributors include Chris Abani, Mark Doty, Charles Simic, Joe Wenderoth, Donald Hall, Adam Braver, Roger Bonair-Agard, Sharon Olds, Tim Seibles, Rick Bass, Tess Gerritsen, Afaa Michael Weaver, Maxine Kumin, Sven Birkets, Madeleine Blais and more. TNG Volume 2 included a previously unpublished Ralph Ellison short story, "A Storm of Blizzard Proportions," along with Photostats and an interview with John Callahan, Ellison's literary executor. TNG also runs a monthly feature of emerging writer's short work online, called "BANG!" Writers may submit here. ::SUBMIT:: TNG holds a membership with the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP). 


The Writer's Hotel is an independent program and a labor of love. Donation dollars help to offset costs related to Sara Patton Stipends, Teaching Assistants, Faculty Assistants and general NYC program expenses. Donations may be mailed to our postal address, payable to The Writer's Hotel and/or The New Guard or you can donate via the PayPal donation button below. Thank you for your support! 

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